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Aug 052013
A Girl for All Time is one of the most exciting and talked about girl doll brands to emerge in the last few years.  While the brand was founded and initially became popular in the United Kingdom, it has enjoyed increasing success around the world more recently, particularly in the United States.


The inspiration for the concept behind A Girl for All Time came from one of the founders of the brand, herself a parent who had grown increasingly frustrated at the lack of age appropriate toys for her young daughter.

All of the objectives and desires that came from this frustration resulted in the products that people are able to buy today.

What the Brand is About

A Girl for All Time offers a range of girls’ dolls, novels, and activities to get the whole family involved. The brand centers on the two doll characters, Matilda and Amelia, who are both approaching their teenage years. Based in historical England, the brand explores the challenges associated with growing up – despite their being hundreds of years between the time the dollsare based and the modern day, it is amazing how little things have changed in terms of being a pre-teenage girl!

In addition to the dolls, there is a wide range of other products and features. Both Matilda and Amelia take a lead role in a novel bearing their name, while the former also has a keepsake book that is perfect for pre-teen girls of all ages. There is also the opportunity to purchase additional, luxurious outfits for both dolls, as well as a high-quality tea set for children who love hosting a tea party for their dolls.

Modern elements are not forgotten, either. Both dolls have a blog that they regularly contribute to, and they even share their favorite recipes through the A Girl for All Time website. Amelia and Matilda are both aimed at being friends for young girls everywhere, rather than just your traditional, everyday doll toy.

Finding the Dolls

As the appeal and name of Amelia and Matilda grows around the world, so does the places where the dolls are available to meet and purchase in addition to their original online home. The A Girl for All Time brand is launching in the world-famous Harrods in Knightsbridge, London, over the weekend of 11 & 12 May 2013.

American Girl Comparisons

The A Girl for All Time product range has drawn favorable comparisons with American Girl, one of the best-known and popular doll brands in the United States. Although the A Girl for All Time range is currently nowhere near the size of that on offer from American Girl, it is hoped that as the brand continues to grow and little girls fall in love with Amelia and Matilda that the range of products can continue to expand. That said, the leadership team at A Girl for All Time are passionate about ensuring only the very best and most thoughtful products make it into their range; if that means continuing to be successful and bolster their reputation with their current products, then that will be the path that they take.

Article by Kate Carson of the A Girl For All Time Team

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