Kids Book Group

Kids Book Group, by Apple Pie Books ™ brings wonderful books for kids, free stories for kids and articles for parents and teachers. We are a team of researchers and writers with healthy, happy messages dedicated to the health and well being of  your kids and your entire family.

Our paperback books are beautifully written and illustrated and printed with excellent quality. Some books are also available in electronic format.

What makes a great kids book?

We believe the heart behind the story is the most important ingredient and our authors are hand-picked for their morals, first. It’s a plus that the Kids Book Group authors are gifted and creative story tellers.

Why should I shop Kids Book Group?

We’re a small company and we are new, but we’re starting off on the right foot. Service to others is on the top of our list of things to do. We currently donate 10% of our profits from The Great Majestic Fortress to homeless veterans in the US. A better world is our incentive for writing, a better life for your kids, to be more specific.

Where is the Free Stuff?

The Kids Book Group is always offering free downloads, specials and discounts on our books. To get them, simply sign up for our newsletter.  We will never, EVER, share your email address.  We will send you special announcements and gifts from time to time.  Free Christian Stories are always available with no registration required!

The Kids Book Group Recommends Reading to Your Kids

Kids Book Group

Reading to kids is as important now as ever, even in the age of technology. There are so many reasons why you should still curl up with a good book…together.

To name a few, language and communication skills, the experience of a good story and life long memories of time spent with you!

Who Are We?

The Kids Book Group is a group of children’s book authors who have one common goal: provide healthy, happy content and books for you and your kids. We recommend you take at look and learn more about us and any authors who write for your children. It’s important to know who is behind the story as they will have lasting impact on your children.

Can I join the Kids Book Group?

Do want your kids to read? Then, of course the answer is yes. Do you write books and stories for kids? The answer is maybe. Check out our participation guidelines and drop us a short line if you are interested.

Get great deals from the Kids Book Group by registering as a member or subscribing to our mailing list. Get frequent updates from our blog by subscribing to our Kids Book Group feed.

Free Stories for Kids

The Kids Book Group Authors are posting some of their best short stories for kids here in the Story Time Blog. You will also find craft ideas, advice for parents and teachers and various other resources!

The Best Books - Book Reviews

In addition to Apple Pie Books, the Kids Book Group is currently reviewing for other indie authors. There are some great books out there and we will help you find them.  Check back often for our recommendations from authors, teachers, journalists and experienced parents!

Author Services

If you have a book or story in your heart, contact us! If you are a good fit for Apple Pie Books and the Kids Book Group, we’ll walk you through the daunting publishing process with services such as editing and design at a ridiculously  low cost to you. Just need to ask questions? We don’t charge for answers.

Vanity and self publishing services are extremely expensive and most do not help you promote your work.  We do.

Books for the GrownUps

We write books! The Kids Book Group authors write creative and fun kids books and great books for adults. Our Grownup section is coming soon and will include books covering the body, mind and soul!