Kids Books by Hand-Picked Apple Pie Authors:

Our list of kids books is growing and we are already adding a section for the grown ups.  With Christian books for kids, books on anti-bullying, nutrition and other fun stories, we cover children from head to toe with  encouragement and wisdom. And…our books are fun to read.

Do you know a child suffering with cancer? We have a children’s book for that. Want to teach your children about patriotism? We have a children’s book for that as well. With new books being added often, you’ll want to subscribe to our mailing list to keep up.

Most of our books are sold through Amazon at this time.

We are currently selling The Great Majestic Fortress, True Love for Me?  and Get Patriotic, American edition, on this site. Other books are available on Click on the image for purchasing details.


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Contact us here, or call if you have questions, call (615) 541-5219. Leave a message if we don’t answer and a real human being will call you back. Do you have a great children’s book in your heart? Let us know and if you’re a good fit, we can help you get your work published.

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More Great stuff for you and your children.

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  2. We truly care about kids. We know the books they read and the things they see impact them for life. That is why we have started a  list of kids books on Amazon. It is time to start filling your children’s minds with healthy food for the brain!