What Makes a Great Kid’s Book?

 What makes a great kid’s book? It’s a combination of things from a good story, to the wonderful and entertaining illustrations and all the effort in between, of course. It takes an author, editor, illustrator, publisher, printer, distributor, and retailer also. In other words, it takes a lot, yet those are just the technical components of  a great kid’s book.

What About the Heart Behind the Kid’s Book?

Then, of course, there’s the heart behind each story.  Each kid’s book that captures a child’s mind and heart, becomes a part of that child as the mind has the incredible ability to gather information and make it a part of its  physical makeup.

Therefore, the heart behind the story that is about to enter your child’s mind is the most important piece of the pie.

At Apple Pie Books, we have the talent and we have the heart.  Each author writes to make a positive impact in your child’s life. Before you determine what is or is not a great kid’s book, check out the heart behind it!

Margery Phelps is a journalist who writes about food, right? No, she writes because she knows how important it is for children to eat healthy foods. She encourages them to choose to eat the foods that will keep them off traditional medications through her kid’s book, Mighty Me and The Rainbow Plate.  She teaches them to be healthy, happy and whole and has a fun, entertaining way of doing it.

Denise Mistich is an author who writes from 10+ years of experience in working with people in recovery from addiction and depression. She focuses mainly on Christian material that will change/save a child’s life. She wants them to avoid life long mistakes by walking with Jesus and teaches them the importance of looking to God for guidance.

Mary Fam is a professional educator and author. In addition to a Master’s in education, her years of experience as teacher and her own personal story give her insight into the hearts and minds of young students. She writes to help them overcome their daily struggles with bullying and peer pressure as well as struggles with childhood cancer.

Rodney Evans  is a gifted story teller who writes from a heart filled with love for his own kids and a love for yours. His “magic pumpkin stories captivate young minds (and their parents) from cover to cover with fun and entertaining lessons in character.

Daniel Bulleri is one of our latest additions. We chose this author for his message, but his artwork is fantastic and kids love it. They actually cheer for his book Your Magical Laugh!

Is There a Kid’s Book in Your Heart?

We’re publishing a new books on a regular basis. We have the great kid’s book you’ve been looking for! If you have a  kid’s book in your heart, we want to hear about it. Contact us and see if you are a good fit for Apple Pie Books!