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Mighty Me and the Rainbow PlateMighty-Me and the Rainbow Plate by Margery Phelps is a delightful little book that will teach your children to eat healthy foods.  You are sure to enjoy the engaging artwork by Julie Weinberger while reading the book to your children and grandchildren!

Mighty-Me and the Rainbow Plate

How do kids know what’s good to eat — just eat the foods that are the colors of the rainbow.

Make it fun for your kids with the rainbow plate!

Book Description

There was a little kid who didn’t like to eat healthy food — but when he goes to school, and sees a rainbow in the sky after a storm, he and his classmates get a valuable lesson about good nutrition.

Now, they have fun and feel better by eating the foods on the rainbow plate!

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Rainbow Plate Nutrition is not just a buzz word. Learn more about the rainbow plate style nutrition and how it can impact your quality of life.

Book Details:

Paperback: 42 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1479196614
ISBN-13: 978-1479196616


Margery Phelps

Born in Atlanta; majored in Journalism and Accounting in college; after my Mom was killed by prescription drugs for asthma in 1990 (yes, she was using them properly), I turned to my love of writing and research to understand why a brilliant medical and scientific illustrator could succomb to a medical treatment. Since then, I've published five books on health issues, in addition to a novel. I'm on a mission to improve the nutrition of children because prevention of disease starts at the mouth.