Oct 112012

being a good citizenCome to class with our little bees and learn what it means to be a good citizen with our new Get Patriotic books for kids.

Here is the key: Each little one of you has a purpose. Find out together how to BE what you were created to BE!

But what does it mean, to love one’s nation?
What does that mean for me?
How do I do it, you might ask,
Whatever can love be?

Be is answer that you seek.
Be is the special key.
Be is the way to love one’s nation.
So let’s look at the word: Be.

Get Patriotic - The Little Kid's Book About Being a Good Citizen

Be Thankful
Always remember this land was a gift,
And those who gave you the land.
Remember those who protect you and me,
And protect our family!

ISBN:  978-0615698465

Get Patriotic is available in paperback for only $8.99.


Denise Mistich

Denise is an author as well as spiritual mentor to many people. She writes from her heart to help little ones find their way in life.
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