Apr 232013

Book Review - The CreationThe Creation, by Janice D. Green looks like a wonderful teaching tool for children of all ages. To be quite honest, I haven’t read this one. I have, however, read Janice’s articles. She teaches well and accurately. Her articles are generally written just the way I like them, straight to the point.

More importantly, she has a passion for teaching little ones the word of God.

While I can’t give the book a  rating, I can rate the author top notch and I recommend you view her work for yourself. I know you will find something uplifting for you and your family.

Learn more about The Creation at Honeycomb Adventures Press.


24 pages
for families with children age 4-12 or Christian education
ISBN 978-0-9836808-0-2

Denise Mistich

Denise is an author as well as spiritual mentor to many people. She writes from her heart to help little ones find their way in life.