Christian Books

Apr 232013
Book Review: The Creation

The Creation, by Janice D. Green looks like a wonderful teaching tool for children of all ages. I can rate the author top notch and I recommend you view her work for yourself. I know you will find something uplifting for you and your family.

Mar 112013

True Love for Me is coming at the end of March 2013. We already have several orders for this charming little book and requests are still coming in.  Contact Denise if you would like to order a copy in advance. Description: Sadness and anger threaten Sadie when she faces problems at home. Sally, a friend [...]

Aug 072012
The Great Majestic Fortress

The Great Majestic Fortress, by Denise Davidson Mistich, presents important pieces of American history from a Christian perspective to young readers through short stories and beautiful illustrations.