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This Christmas craft is a great way to use those old Christmas cards you have stuffed in a drawer!

Christmas Craft for KidsLet the kids make gift boxes or ornaments from them.

Print the template below. You will need to download (save) the template image and increase the size to suit your project. Choose cards that are big enough for the pattern and cut away!




  • Christmas Craft for KidsPrinter
  • Paper (thick paper, or old Christmas cards, card stock works best)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Crayons or markers
  • Ribbon or string for ornaments
  • Tape if you are making gift boxes

I found this Christmas craft and full instructions here.

If you are like me, and on a tight budget this year, get a list of Christmas craft and homemade gift ideas here.

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Nov 032012

Kids with cancer suffer from a lot more than physical illness. As a matter of fact, the physical part is most likely a drop in the bucket compared to the fear and anxiety they feel. Each child wonders “why me,” and their question goes unanswered.

They suffer the normal childhood and teen aged issues such as peer pressure and bullying to a degree that has the potential to destroy their emotions for life if the proper support isn’t given.

Kids with cancer need a lot more than just physical treatment. They need the love and support of friends and family like they never had before, and hopefully, never will again.

kids with cancerKids with Cancer Need A Network of Support

Mary Fam, one of the authors on our team suffered from cancer as a child, then again as an adult. She faithfully delivers the message that the love of a child’s family, coupled with faith in God is what saved her life.

Her story is one of courage and hope and she willingly shares it through her testimony and through her books. She offers encouragement for the ones who suffer, not only because of the disease, but because of the fact that they feel different and those differences present an entirely new set of challenges, especially in the teen years.

Mary Prays for Kids with Cancer

Mary is a professional educator and mother of two small children. Her priorities are to love those children and she does that well.

But she has a strong desire to reach out to kids with cancer and what better way to do it than through prayer? If you know a child or teenager who suffers, please print this prayer for kids with cancer from Mary and give it to them.

There is no medicine and no counseling that can top the power of prayer and the love one feels when they come to the realization that somebody out there cares!

Resources for Kids with Cancer

Cancer Kids is a wonderful place to tell your story.

The National Children’s Cancer Society is a wonderful site with resources and encouragement for kids with cancer.

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Oct 112012

Get Patriotic Book for KidsGet Patriotic with our little bees and learn what it means to BE a good citizen! This patriotic books for kids gives, through artistic expression, guidance to young children on how they can contribute to their nation and community.

Here is the key: Each little one of you has a purpose. Find out together how to BE what you were created to BE!

What does it mean to get patriotic,
Wearing colors of red, white and blue?
Those colors represent our patriotism,
But what does patriotism mean to you?

Patriotism, a love for one’s nation,
from sea to shining sea.
But what is a nation, you might say,
What is a nation to me?

Be is answer that you seek.
Be is the special key.
Be is the way to love one’s nation.
So let’s look at the word: Be.

ISBN: 978-0615698151

An edition is also available for little Canadians!


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Sep 292012

Free Christian stories for kids, The Creative Creation series, follows the adventures of a 5-year old boy as his family shares Biblical wisdom with him through every day life situations.

The Creative Creation is actually a blog with free Christian stories for kids, and is based on the book of Genesis.  God created the earth and everything in it. One the seventh day, He rested from His work of creating. Mankind was given dominion and responsibility over the creation and still has it today.

These free Christian stories for kids walk children through their role and responsibility toward  God’s creation in a fun way, teaching them they create with their words, attitudes and deeds.

The way we treat each other, the things we put into the earth, and the words that come out of our mouths create. Think about it, pray about it and share it with your children. The book is coming soon!

If you can’t find what you need, consider Ministry To Children’s free Christian stories for kids.  It is difficult to find the truth, especially on the net, and my hat is off to Tony and his team of authors and illustrators for their hard work and, more importantly, for telling the truth through free Christian stories for kids. After all, it is what we are commissioned to do.

Ministry To Children is a wonderful website ministry with the single goal of reaching out with free Christian stories for kids, free coloring pages and a wide variety of good, wholesome content.

As a webmaster, author, publisher (and a caregiver) I know all too well, what a tremendous amount of time and effort have gone into creating this wonderful ministry tool. Please take a look and see if you can’t find something there to help you teach your children or students about God.

This page, for example, hosts free Sunday school lessons, keeping in touch with the times and with the seasons.  There is more! Activities, craft ideas and free articles to inspire the young and the old are to be found where ever you click on the site, and it is not cluttered with hype and ads. On top of that, someone has an artistic flare!


Sep 212012

Book - The Stars Twinkle BrightlyThe Stars Twinkle Brightly by Mary Elizabeth Fam of Apple Pie Books is  a Children’s Story about Cancer.

The story, told from the perspective of an eight year old boy, offers encouragement to kids as well as resources for parents!

You can purchase The Stars Twinkle Brightly in paperback, or for only $1.99 get the electronic copy.

If you know a child in need, who does not have the resources to purchase the book, please contact Mary Fam directly.  She wants to help.

You can download and print a free prayer for kids with cancer here.

The Stars Twinkle Brightly

A Children’s Story About Cancer

Mary Fam, author of The Idea Tree, Author/Illustrator of this delightful book and a two-time cancer survivor shares her first hand account of the challenges faced in Childhood Cancers.

The Stars Twinkle Brightly is the story of an eight-year-old boy who discovers he has cancer. Mary transforms an otherwise unpleasant topic into an uplifting and useful resource for parents and children dealing with cancer. The boy’s triumph over cancer, leaves the reader feeling joyful and comforted and serves as a testimony to the power of perseverance and love.

The story promises to provide a positive perspective on the many negatives of childhood cancer. The illustrations, give life to the boy’s courage and determination in a colorful and cheerful way!

“A chance to make a child battling cancer smile, is a chance not to be missed”. - Mary Fam

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Free Stories for Kids and Advice for Parents


Free Stories for Kids

Apple Pie authors are sharing some of their best free stories for kids on the Story Time blog. Stop by often to find out what Tommy is up to in The Creative Creation series, or maybe you’ll hear from Violet now and then! We have talking trees, a butterfly and a pumpkin to drop you a line from time to time.  Who is the funny looking, pink thing that keeps showing up? It’s Harmony, who teaches children to love healthy food! Each of our characters has some very special stories for kids.Our books and stories for kids present real life lessons, healthy habits and encouragement to kids in a fun and positive way! We are positive your kids will love to read them. Print them to read to the little ones at bedtime, then share them with your friends, your neighbors, teachers and even your class at school.

Advice for Parents

We love your kids, so we are also sharing good, free advice for parents and teachers. What a bonus! Our Apple Pie authors are parents and teachers. We also have a Million Dollar Health Coach and a soldier. In other words, we are a diversified team with the life experience and credentials it takes to help you raise healthy, happy children, even in today’s challenging world…without going to another location to find it. Subscribe to our blog and you will find our funny, heartwarming stories for kids, lessons in character, great children’s book reviews, DISCOUNTS, parenting tips and more right in your inbox! We hope to see you again real soon!

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