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This is a very factual article about Easter Sunday and why Christians celebrate. It can help you explain the holiday to your children.

Easter - What is Easter and What do Christians Celebrate on Easter.

What About Easter Year Around?

In all reality however, children are never too young to have a real relationship with the risen Lord. If we only observe his resurrection on Easter Sunday, we are missing the true meaning of Christianity.

There is only one way to help your children experience the truth. Teach them to pray. If they seek a relationship with Jesus, He will answer that prayer. Gently guide them toward the truth and help them understand what it means to walk with Jesus.

As they grow closer to Him, you will find your parenting job to be much easier. They will have a strength that goes far beyond what you can give them and have a chance to reach their full potential by being what they were created to be. Don’t let them miss out on a life with Christ.

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Feb 202013

BoJohn's Train Book Review

BoJohn’s Train, by Dr. Dana E. Walton, Ph.D, is a children’s book written in memory of the author’s father, the real BoJohn. It is a sweet story with lively and colorful illustrations.  Hidden within, I found two important lessons for children and adults

  • BoJohn left quite an impression on his daughter, enough to inspire this book. Clearly he took the time to love his family.
  • He left an impression on the entire town simply by being himself, a happy, friendly guy. Isn’t it amazing that we can make a difference with a wave and a smile?

Coupled with these two talking points, this story could inspire children to make a difference in their homes and in their community, not by striving to be someone else, but by simply being who they are. Smile, wave, bring happiness into someone else’s life. After all, if someone wrote a book about you, what would you want it to say?

Overall I enjoyed the book and I think your children will like it. But our rating scale is based on the message presented within a story. I simply felt the lessons were not pointed out clearly enough for young readers. If you purchase, you could add value to the story by discussing the lessons outlined above with your children.

At the time of my review, the price was $19.99, a bit much for most of our readers. If you find a  better price or if you know of a discount, please comment on this post. We like to help our readers save money while getting a great value as well.

Published: 8/16/2012

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover

Pages: 28
Size: 8.5×11
ISBN: 978-1-47720-818-2
Print Type: Color
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Oct 112012

Get Patriotic Book for KidsGet Patriotic with our little bees and learn what it means to BE a good citizen! This patriotic books for kids gives, through artistic expression, guidance to young children on how they can contribute to their nation and community.

Here is the key: Each little one of you has a purpose. Find out together how to BE what you were created to BE!

What does it mean to get patriotic,
Wearing colors of red, white and blue?
Those colors represent our patriotism,
But what does patriotism mean to you?

Patriotism, a love for one’s nation,
from sea to shining sea.
But what is a nation, you might say,
What is a nation to me?

Be is answer that you seek.
Be is the special key.
Be is the way to love one’s nation.
So let’s look at the word: Be.

ISBN: 978-0615698151

An edition is also available for little Canadians!


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