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Denise Davidson Mistich

Denise Davidson Mistich, author and minister, has worked with people in recovery from depression and addiction, from a Biblical perspective for the past ten years. In February of 2013, she was licensed and ordained  for ministry.

Through her own personal journey out of chronic depression and into happiness through a relationship with God, she has developed quite a knack for making people think, feel and respond.

She has published articles for Christian Books for Women and on Tell Me About God, her personal website and blog. She is now writing for a younger audience, passionately seeking prevention for her young readers over the need for recovery in their future.

True Love for Me?The Great Majestic Fortress  and Get Patriotic are now available. The Creative Creation: Where Do Babies Really Come From is  coming soon!

Oct 252013

Children and bedtime fears might be a hot topic  for young parents this close to Halloween.  Just a glimpse of a scary movie can really frighten a child, keeping them (and you) from a peaceful night’s sleep.  I have to confess, I had actually posted a list of spooky stories for kids and had to retrieve [...]

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Oct 172013

Parents who are concerned about participating in traditional Halloween activities should check out these alternatives. Is Halloween bad for Christian children? I believe that’s up to you. As parents, you can make it fun and exciting without the witches, ghosts and ghouls. I will be publishing an article in the next day or so about [...]

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Mar 262013

Bullying is a modern day, politically correct term for an old fashioned problem. In most cases, it’s simple. Children who are hurting on the inside feel the need to hurt others. Do you hold the solution in your hands?

Nov 052012

Thanksgiving holiday traditions range from church events to family meals to weekends spent in the airport these days. My family decided to try something a little different a few years ago, Hiking for Holly. It was a huge success for the little kids…and the big kids.