Get Patriotic - The American Kid’s Book About Being a Good Citizen


Get Patriotic Book for KidsGet Patriotic with our little bees and learn what it means to BE a good citizen! This patriotic book for kids gives, through artistic expression, guidance to young children on how they can contribute to their nation and community.

Here is the key: Each little one of you has a purpose. Find out together how to BE what you were created to BE!

What does it mean to get patriotic,
Wearing colors of red, white and blue?
Those colors represent our patriotism,
But what does patriotism mean to you?

Patriotism, a love for one’s nation,
from sea to shining sea.
But what is a nation, you might say,
What is a nation to me?

Be is answer that you seek.
Be is the special key.
Be is the way to love one’s nation.
So let’s look at the word: Be.

ISBN: 978-0615698151

An edition is also available for little Canadians!


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