Aug 262012

Do you want to feel better?

Start by reading New Life… Naturally.

It’s the adult companion to Margery Phelp’s children’s coloring book, Harmony’s House, and is packed with entertaining information on the body human and how to keep it healthy. Margery explains how the body functions, what it needs in order to function and what malfunctions when we don’t eat properly.  She does so in a way that is thought provoking, yet easy to understand.

Get it on and start a new, healthier life now! You can get the previous edition directly from Margery at a cost of only $5.00!

Margery Phelps

Born in Atlanta; majored in Journalism and Accounting in college; after my Mom was killed by prescription drugs for asthma in 1990 (yes, she was using them properly), I turned to my love of writing and research to understand why a brilliant medical and scientific illustrator could succomb to a medical treatment. Since then, I've published five books on health issues, in addition to a novel. I'm on a mission to improve the nutrition of children because prevention of disease starts at the mouth.