Jan 072013

Energy, Health and Wealth: Take Baby Steps to Achieve it!

What do most productive people want more of? What do they actively seek having more of?

Energy, health and wealth.

Throughout the day, I am told that if these elements were in place, life would be easier to navigate. All issues of motivation to plan and take action towards dream fulfillment would be solved! That being the case, you take a guess as to when they want the energy, health situation solved.  You‘ve got it right.


In the next few articles, I will talk about the steps necessary to achieve the goals of energy, health and wealth. Before we move on, however, let’s look at some road blocks.

Energy, Health & Wealth “Don’ts”

In general, what happens to make goal achievement difficult is the habit of dwelling in past outcomes. This is an energy, health “zapper” and the practice results in self-discouragement and stops the person before they even take one step.   And when one is discouraged, it is easier to put things off, i.e., procrastinate moving forward.

Perhaps this behavior is in place because of fear.

How does fear factor in?  Well fear of the unknown. Being where we are and have been gives a false sense of security. We call it our ‘comfort zone’, erroneously.  It’s not comfortable to be stuck.  It is natural to try to get unstuck in nature and in our human lives.  Just let your car get stuck in mud.  You strain to get it out.  Watch the fly who gets stuck to sticky substance…it strains to get free.

While it is true that if one changes, it is in unchartered turf, unknown territory. It may also appear to be to circumstances that are not predictable.  Not predictable? Perhaps; but dwelling in the former doesn’t guarantee anything but more frustration and need to try harder to exert control to try and get predictability. In fact, remaining in the place one is, impedes personal growth, the person is left with the same reactions, coping skills and strategies acquired along the way that fall short to support the fulfillment of dreams, desires and your purpose.

So what is the solution?

Making a decision that is personal to you.  It is not someone else’s business or responsibility to facilitate your move along the continuum of life.  It is yours – a God given right and responsibility. It helps in pressing forward toward energy, health and wealth to know that we are not alone for the same God that gave us the right and responsibility, gave us the power as He is with us. What more do you need to obtain energy, health and wealth?

Therefore making that decision to do what is in your heart is a first step and that step is called Intention. It is moving forward consciously with the reward of gaining in confidence, power and authority.   Be forewarned; that particular baby step yields huge and great outcomes toward your quest for energy, health and wealth.

More Baby Steps toward Energy, Health and Wealth are coming soon! In the meantime, join our discussion forum and ask questions about achieving energy, health and wealth or catch up on our Health and Wellness blog posts.

Dr. Andrews