Books for Kids


Books for KidsBooks for kids from Apple Pie Books ™ are well written, beautifully illustrated and well crafted. Our guidelines are simple: clean, wholesome, healthy and fun!

About Our Books for Kids

Our books for kids cover the body, mind and spirit of a child. We have fun and fabulous materials to encourage your children to eat healthy foods, books that teach children to laugh and play and encouraging books for kids who are struggling with today’s issues, such as bullying. More importantly, we write fun and interesting stories that  encourage children to draw closer to God.

What Makes a Great Kids Book?

All Apple Pie authors are hand-picked for their creativity and writing style, but more importantly for the ethics and morals they possess and their wide variety of books for kids. We are of the Christian faith and share Christian values in our material, yet we strive to develop a relationship with children from all backgrounds and beliefs through our stories and books for kids.

In addition to our great books for kids, we will soon offer books for the whole family in the Grown Up section.  You are never too old to learn.

Download and print our list of books for kids.

Our list of books for kids is growing! You can print a pdf copy or view it online.

Free Books for Kids!

Get free stories for kids and advice for parents and teachers, including craft ideas and pictures. Register, and you can download and print Harmony’s House: A Storybook to Color. Harmony will teach your little ones about nutrition and art! 

Prayers for Our Children

Author Mary Elizabeth Fam, author, teacher and mentor, not to mention childhood cancer SURVIVOR, shares this wonderful prayer for kids with cancer. We will be adding more soon. Please print and share as often as you like.

Helping Our Neighbors

The Kids Book Group authors believing in giving back. You can help us serve homeless veterans in the United States by purchasing a copy of The Great Majestic Fortress.

Best Books - Book Reviews

We are currently reviewing books for kids in the Best Books - Book Reviews section of our site. We will always post an honest opinion and we highly recommend you read with your children and choose carefully the books you read.

Some of the best books for kids are written by independent authors and therefore, can be hard to find. The Kids Book Group will help you find them, while helping the authors find you. Register and stay in touch for the latest reviews.

You can also find our books for kids and latest reviews on facebook.

Can I join the Kids Book Group?

Do want your kids to read? Then, of course the answer is yes. Do you write books and stories for kids? The answer is maybe. Check out our participation guidelines and drop us a short line if you are interested.

Author Services

If you have a book or story in your heart, contact us! If you are a good fit for Apple Pie Books and the Kids Book Group, we’ll walk you through the daunting publishing process with services such as editing and design at a ridiculously low cost to you. Just need to ask questions? We don’t charge for answers. Self publishing services are extremely expensive and most do not help you promote your work.  We do.