Press Release - A Voice from the River


Author Edward Appiah BoakyeAuthor in Ghana raises his voice to help protect water.


People in Africa cry out for help at times, but their voices are seldom heard. Apple Pie Books supports author Edward Appiah Boakye in his efforts to be heard as he cries out about a threat to water.


Apple Pie Books (™) has offered their support to author Edward Appiah Boakye in his efforts to raise awareness in his community and around the world of a potential threat to water in Ghana.  Denise Mistich, co-owner of Apple Pie Books reports she offered to review Boakye’s children’s books and possibly help him get published. “I had no idea what I was getting into,” she states, “but I’m glad I got involved.”

Mistich states that as a child, Boakye learned to use the arts to help teach others. Today, he uses the arts as a means to raise awareness and teach children the importance of protecting nature.

“When Boakye expresses himself with the arts, he does it well.  His story, A Voice from the River,  is told in the style of African folklore. The illustrations, by Peter Poka Asamoah, also of Ghana, are exceptional. Children are going to love this book, but more importantly, they will learn a valuable lesson, to respect and protect nature.

A Voice from the River immediately brought back memories of my own travels in Africa. It’s something you have to experience and fall in love with for yourself before you can grasp the African lifestyle and culture. But, whether you’ve been or not, I’m sure you realize there is a limited supply of just about everything, including clean water. With such a limited supply of clean water, it’s hard for me to imagine progress making it worse.”

According to Boakye, progress is making it worse. While his book is fiction, his cause is real. He has seen small projects along the riverbanks in his village that caused him some concern because of the removal of plants and trees for development. Clearing vegetation away from the river banks could have a devastating impact on the river and on the lives of the villagers in that area.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” says Boakye and in this case it seems an ounce of prevention could save lives. You could actually say Boakye has heard a voice from the river and he wants you to hear it as well.

A Voice from the River will be published in December of 2013 and there are already plans underway to distribute it in the public basic schools in Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions,Ghana. Hoping to teach children in Ghana and across the globe the importance of protecting nature, Apple Pie Books is making the book available on Amazon.
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Denise Mistich of Apple Pie Books
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