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Healthy Eating and Wellness

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Healthy Eating and Wellness group with Dr. Andrews and Margery Phelps: Are you concerned about your family’s health? Do you have questions about specific health issues? How often do you get free advice from a physician, topped off with free information, based on years of research from a certified health coach and journalist?

Registered members can join our free discussion forum and learn to stay healthy and happy…the natural way.

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Medical Disclaimer and Copyright Information

The Kids Book Group authors are dedicated professionals with the intent to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle in conjunction with, not in lieu of, following the advice of a medical professional. Any and all medical advice received from our authors and/or forum participants should be discussed with your doctor prior to implementation in your personal healthcare regime.  Your health is your responsibility, and we recommend you take it seriously.

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The content submitted to this site is copyrighted by the submitting author. All rights reserved. Content submitted by site users may be used in various articles within this site or f

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