New Year Resolution - 2013

January 7, 2013 in Medical Advice by Denise Mistich

Our New Year Resolution in 2013 is to help families all over the world become healthier and happier. How will we accomplish that? By giving away free tips on nutrition and wellness.

Our books and articles cover the whole person with spiritual, nutritional, emotional support for kids and their parents. Now, we are offering free advice from a physician.

Help with Your New Year Resolution

Dr. Janiece Andrews, MD,  has joined the Kids Book Group to help us learn more about health from a holistic approach, combined with traditional medicine. Margery Phelps will continue to share tips on healthy foods. We’re very excited about this new development and hope you are too.

New Year Resolution & Baby Steps

We realize many of you set a New Year Resolution for 2013 and we would like to help you meet your goals.

One of the most important tips Dr. Andrews can offer, that will help you stick to your new year resolution is to Baby Step your way into a new you, rather than setting lofty goals that may not be attainable.






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