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Healthy Eating and Wellness

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Healthy Eating and Wellness group with Dr. Andrews and Margery Phelps: Are you concerned about your family’s health? Do you have questions about specific health issues? How often do you get free advice from a physician, topped off with free information, based on years of research from a certified health coach and journalist?

Registered members can join our free discussion forum and learn to stay healthy and happy…the natural way.

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Health and Nutrition

Health and nutrition will be the main topics in this segment of the Kids Book Group, but it is not just for kids. Here, Dr. Janiece Andrews, MD, and Margery Phelps will teach us how to stay healthy the natural way.

The Health and Nutrition Discussion Forum

Join our Healthy Eating and Wellness group forum and get free advice from a medical doctor and certified health coach. Together, they will help you raise healthy children who can excel in life, while giving you the energy you need to keep up.

Where do Health and Nutrition Fit In?

Health and nutrition must become a top priority in our lives, therefore we have enlisted highly trained professionals to help kids and parents alike meet their goals in getting healthy…and staying healthy.

Dr. Janiece Andrews believes in an integrated approach to both mental and physical health, as well as the integration of traditional and holistic treatment regimens. As such, she has formed a partnership with holistic health care practitioners to assist her with treating her patients. Needless to say, we are excited about having her on our team!

Margery Phelps, best selling author and certified health coach, has done her homework on health and nutrition with the skills of a trained journalist. She comes with a wealth of information on nutrition for kids. Learn more about what health and nutrition can do for your children.

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