A Voice from the River - Children’s Book by Edward Appiah Boakye


A voice came from the river. Sometimes it was loud and clear, but other times it was very soft. Only those who were good hearted and brave could hear it call out from the river banks. Hemaa was just such a girl and the voice spoke loud and clear to her!  Find out what Hemaa heard and how she made a difference for her village and her friends in the river.


About the Book:

This children’s book tells the story of a young African girl who hears the voice from the river calling for her to make a change in her village. She listens to the voice and takes a stand to protect the river and its surroundings. Find out how children can make a difference with this fantastic story, born in an African village.

The story, written by Edward Appiah Boakye of Ghana is told in the style of traditional African folklore. You and your children will love the story, the culture it brings and the message it promotes.

Help promote change and help the children in Ghana learn more about protecting their environment!

A Voice From the River - Children's Book

Water is life. Somewhere there is plenty, but in this African village, water is threatened by one greedy man. Can Hemaa and her friends save River Nkwa, and life for her village?

About the Author:

Edward Appiah Boakye  is an educator, graphic designer, a teacher of the gospel  and author of children’s books. Boakye is very enthusiastic about the mental, moral, emotional and physical development of children.

He is particularly interested in developing creativity and empathy in children and thus authors interesting works to encourage these traits. As a child he was encouraged to draw pictures from text books to be used as teaching aids. This awakened his own creativity and inspired him to write for children.

He has worked with the Education Service for ten years in both the primary school and Senior High School as a teacher. He was working as a self employed Graphic Designer when he was recently called into the ministry of God. He is currently a teacher of the Gospel.

Author Edward Appiah Boakye

Edward Appiah Boakye

His experience as a primary school teacher in a village made him learn a lot about children and their needs imbibing in him several ideas to help in the mental, moral, social, emotional and physical development of children. Also teaching in a Senior High School in a mining area for two years and working as a volunteer with Actionaid for three months in such areas have made him appreciate there are real social needs that needs to be solved.

A year ago around this time of the year he was coming from church when something caught his attention as he walked on a bridge across a river near his home. Very close to the banks of the river on his left was cleared and leveled and a tipper truck was tripping down sand. When he looked on his right too, the land had been cleared and cultivated for rice. Right then he seemed to have heard a voice from the river. He thought it needed help. As he thought about it in the night when he was finding it difficult to sleep, his memory took him back to his home town where some rivers are in danger and the idea of ‘A Voice from the River’ came up.

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