The Flatulent Pumpkin

August 30, 2012 in Books for Kids

Yes, I said it, “The Flatulent Pumpkin.”

This is the first in a series of Flatulent Pumpkin stories for kids! What’s in a name? Relax mom, no bad manners are promoted here! Only fun filled laughter for your kids, while they learn good morals from these hilarious stories.

About the Book

Stuck in the middle of almost nowhere is the little town of Darlinia a place where NOTHING ever happens, until today. Ten year old J.J. and the townspeople witness the strange and unpredictable farting of a gigantic, magical pumpkin. Curiosity turns to excitement when all of a sudden the pumpkin POPS! and J.J. disappears! The mayor, determined to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, looks to the sheriff, who shrieks in fright every time the pumpkin sounds off. Who will help J.J.? And what will the pumpkin do next? Learn and laugh as this innocent vegetable transforms life in Darlinia- one fart at a time.

Who is behind these wacky tales? Meet Rodney Evans, and his awesome team who helped him put together these wonderful stories with morals for kids.

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More of Rodney’s Stories Are Coming Soon:

Case of the Plucked Chicken

You are not going to believe it when chickens traumatize ladies in the town of Darlinia. Out of nowhere plucked chickens start appearing in their kitchen waiting to be cooked. Where do these chickens come from and how did they get this “cook me NOW” attitude? No one will know until the sheriff cracks the case. You’ll laugh and smile but you’ll never look at chicken the same.

What are you having for dinner?

The Fart WHO Came to Dinner

An authentic tale of individuality, acceptance & gratitude. The most gracious, fun and hardworking person in the world turns out to be a ten-year old boy with a teensy problem. He’s so much fun all the children want to play with him. He’s so polite and respectful all the adults want him as their child. Why can’t he hear one very special thing about him? And why doesn’t he care? Find out how he wins everyone over and makes them smile, without even trying.

Gone With the Wind!

An instant heartwarming classic! Something has gone horribly wrong in the magical town of Darlinia. The teacher didn’t come back from lunch break. The kids investigate and discover that all of the adults in town are gone! The kids don’t think it has anything to do with the huge secrets they’ve been keeping, but could it? Did it have something to do with the strange noises? See what the children do when every adult vanishes. You’ll laugh and smile when you see the determination of a young person trigger the entire town’s appreciation for growing up, having fun and living life.

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