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Books for kids from Apple Pie Books ™ are well written, beautifully illustrated and well crafted. Our guidelines are simple: clean, wholesome, healthy and fun! About Our Books for Kids Our books for kids cover the body, mind and spirit of a child. We have fun and fabulous materials to encourage your children to eat healthy [...]

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Sep 242012

Parenting Styles (Continued from Child Development: The Helicopter Parent) “Helicopter” parenting is just a slang used to describe the Authoritarian parenting style. That is, a parent who practices a very stringent form of parenting, where their child is expected to follow clearly defined rules “or else”. The Authoritative parent is one which practices a more [...]

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Contact Mary Fam, author of The Idea Tree and The Stars Twinkle Brightly. If you have questions or feedback, send her a note. If you know a child battling cancer who could use some encouragement from Mary, please let her know!

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