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Healthy eating and wellness are hot topics for discussion these days. With the rising cost of health care and the impact of many so-called traditional medications on the overall health of our society, more and more people are getting in tune with spirituality, holistic treatment and proper nutrition. The outcome is an enlightened, not to mention a healthier, happier society. Could you benefit from that? Getting help is easy.

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Downline Dynamics - Book on Healthy Eating and Wellness

Janiece C. Andrews, MD, is obviously the expert in these important topics. She is also author and moderator/mentor here in our Health and Wellness Group Forum.

Her book, How to Build a Happy, Healthy Downline and Maximize Your Income: Downline Dynamics was written specifically for the community of Multi Level Marketers.

I personally found it to be geared toward any individual, at any age who lacks the drive and energy it takes to succeed. Enlightenment on the topics of spirituality, energy, healthy eating and wellness and their combined impact on personal or financial success is worth the price and every second spent working through this powerful guide.

New Life Naturally - Book on Healthy Eating and Wellness

Margery Phelps is an experienced Certified Health Coach, trained journalist and author on the topic of healthy eating and wellness. She is also moderator/mentor in our group forum. Her book, New Life…Naturally, truly is a non-nonsense guide to harmonious health, taking you down to the cellular level. Reading this guide gave me insight into the impact of a healthy diet on my overall well being, not to mention disease prevention.

Start Somewhere

Join the group. Participate in the forum. Purchase and read the books. Your health is your responsibility and you can make drastic improvements with a few changes in your diet, your daily routine and by getting in touch with your inner source.


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