Chasing the Wind - a novel by best selling author Margery Phelps


Margery Phelps, Author

Chasing the Wind is a bright and shiny new novel by best selling author Margery Phelps. It is truly one of those you just can’t put down. On December 10, 2013, you can get your copy for just $1. Even better, you get free gifts for purchasing on that day. Get the details on Margery’s Best Seller Book Launch here.


Emma St. Claire’s life is out of control and she faces problems with her relationship, finances and health…all at once. Meanwhile foreboding dreams and visions nearly drive her mad. After two years of nightmares that portend a tragedy in  Atlanta, near paralysis of her arms, and falling into suicidal despair,  Emma is lead to a parapsychologist. Are Emma’s dreams a gift, a warning of some sort or is she slipping into insanity?

From the Cover

Phelps has delivered more than a novel. It is a journey, an exploration of the true meaning of life. Once described as a modern day “Gone With the Wind,” this book has the soul of a true Southern Belle.  Its “Scarlett,” Emma St. Claire, fights a fierce battle for survival as a Southern woman in a man’s world. Her prize, the golden gift of truth.  This book is absolutely full of page-turning adventure.

Margery Phelps is a dynamic and prolific author. Her published work includes You Don’t Have to Be Sick , available soon, and children’s book, Mighty Me and the Rainbow Plate. She co-authored HOT #1 best seller, A Juicy Joyful Life.

Editorial Review

I picked up Chasing the Wind on New Years Eve of 2012, expecting to read a little then celebrate the holiday later that evening. At 2am, still reading, I realized I had missed the holiday altogether. I consider it a masterpiece.

Book Details

Available December 10, 2013

Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.