Sep 192012

I caught Avery Wilson on The Voice the other night and I have to say, he stopped me in my tracks. There was something so powerful about his voice, as you can see by the responses from the judges and audience.  When the judges pressed their big red buttons for Avery, there was so much joy, yet so much humility in his response. I want you to meet Avery, hear his voice and watch how he performs as though he has done it a thousand times before.

Avery Wilson has never had a voice lesson, no formal training and little experience. What does he have? An encouraging father, speaking success into his life. It is called a blessing. The blessing was so overwhelming that  Cee Lo spoke of it, saying, “Here you are by the grace of God…” and went so far as to say Avery would actually help him improve, not the other way around. I wish you could have been there! I wish more fathers would speak blessings of such magnitude into their children’s lives.

Go Avery…Go Avery…I’m your dad’s biggest fan!

Denise Mistich

Denise is an author as well as spiritual mentor to many people. She writes from her heart to help little ones find their way in life.