Book Review Rating System


Our purpose is to help readers and authors connect. We provide professional reviews, mainly for indie authors that try to help the readers determine if the book is right for them. With that in mind, as of January, 2013, our new rating system is as follows:

1: This was not my personal favorite, but it was still a good read!

2: This book holds the reader’s attention very well! Kids will enjoy it.

3: This was such an interesting story. I think your kids will want to hear it over and over.

4: This story line is fascinating and teaches a valuable lesson.  The Illustrations (if illustrated) are well done and enhance the story. I recommend you get a copy.

5: This book is well written and beautiful. More importantly, it shares a message that children need to hear. The Illustrations (if illustrated) are well done and enhance the story.  I HIGHLY recommend you share this with your children and children everywhere.

In most cases, if we are not comfortable promoting a book because of its message or any other reason, we will contact the author directly rather than posting an overly negative review.

Because of the nature of our business, we cannot post our reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. We do allow and encourage authors to copy our reviews and include a link back to us where possible.

We do share our reviews on Facebook, at at times, other social media outlets.