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Earth Day 2012

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Earth Day is April 22nd this year (2013). You don’t have to be “Green” to appreciate the beauty of the earth and to want to help protect the ecosystem that so generously takes care of us.

Like it or not, we are responsible, from a Biblical perspective for taking care of God’s creation. The job was given to Adam, with the intention that mankind would not only subdue, but replenish the earth and all of its inhabitants.

It seems we’ve taken the subduing part seriously. But what about the replenishing.

In the Creative Creation stories, Tommy begins to learn about his responsibility as steward of God’s creation in Recycling, Garbage and Babies?

Watch for more on Earth Day from author, Margery Phelps!

Outside Resources:

First Earth Day | History of Earth Day.

Denise Mistich

Denise is an author as well as spiritual mentor to many people. She writes from her heart to help little ones find their way in life.
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