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Oh the Places You’ll Go, by Dr. Seuss

Any time there is an opportunity to teach some of life’s greatest lessons and pair it with colorful pictures-there is the potential for a great children’s book. Dr. Seuss is synonymous with the phrase “great stories for kids”.

The book Oh the Places You’ll Go is a fantastic tale that teaches little readers that life’s challenges are many, but when armed with the right tools like determination, love, optimism and courage, they are always surmountable.

Dr. Seuss uses his genius play of words and rhyming to take readers on a lyrical journey through a otherwise tricky subject – perseverance.

“Be who you are, say what you mean, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” is to date my favorite quote of all time. It is universal as it’s meaning transcends all ages, races, and religions. It is a powerful message that goes such a long way in the most simplistic form.

In today’s society where children face the new hybrid version of bullying- messages of self-acceptance and self-love are more important than ever. This book encompasses that and manages to also reinforce the importance of “never giving up in the face of life’s challenges”.

This book needs to be part of every child’s library- if you are parent, this is a book you need to read to your child at least once, if you are a teacher this is a book that should hold a spot in your classroom library. The opportunities to teach so may important aspects of character and other moral development concepts are abundant in this lovely little story.

As a teacher, I first used this book in my grade one classroom to highlight the concept of “rhyming”, but it has remained part of my library as I have taught higher grades- and I have used it many times to highlight character-building concepts like those mentioned above.


Oh the Places You’ll Go


ISBN-10: 0679805273

ISBN-13: 978-0679805274

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